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Ported my Journal over from LiveJournal and this is my first DreamWidth Entry:

LJ Birthday

Wet Paint!

Jun. 14th, 2005 01:48 pm
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Well they have signs up now... After I leaned against the wall by the microwave at work. Off white paint all over my black slacks - LOL!!!

Well now I'm sitting in soaking wet pants. I scrubbed and scrubbed and 99% of the paint came off. But I don't have any spare pants at work at least no one will notice since they are black...

and just last week it was black permanent marker on a white shirt...
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Spent $$ -
1. Paid critical bills due in the next 5 days
2. Got hubby's Fantasy Ball outfit - I just need to start making his vest to match my dress. We'd also like to get him a hat, but the rest of the ensemble is home and ready for the MSFB Yeah!
3. Finally ordered bookshelves! Been needing them since we moved in the house 2+ yrs ago, but finally have the cash to buy them! They should be in/finished sometime mid-September. We're getting them stained to match our bedroom/living room mahogany furniture. Ordered the ones with the pretty glass door barrister (lawyer) style ones with the leaded glass - should go well with my antiquey Victorian style and having doors will keep the monster cats from everything we put on the bookshelves - books/knicknacks etc.. We just have so many books and not enough bookcases - boxes and boxes we have yet to unpack.
4. Ordered the baby a wooden toy chest from the same place we got the bookcases. I really wanted a nice wooden one as compared to the plastic ones they sell at the toy stores. It should arrive by the end of August. It will look so much nicer since, right now her toy box is a big cardboard box in the family room. Also figure a nice wooden one could be a nice wooden hope chest for when she gets older.

Had fun -
5. Went to Lilly's poolparty - that was so much fun! Thank you Lilly! The baby got to go in a big pool for the 1st time - with a lifejacket and everything. She wasn't too sure about it unless mom or dad was holding her tight, and did not like leaning back at all, but seemed to like it with us right there with her as long as we kept her very vertical. I really want to get her used to the water so when I take her out on my brother's boat on the rivers/bay she'll be comfortable with the situation.


Did work around the house -
6. Paid more bills
7. The husband installed the new oak baby gate between the living room and kitchen. Looks great! and will keep our daughter safe.
8. Laundry - always have more to do and always doing laundry

Had fun -
9. Went to the Inner Harbor and had seafood at "City Lights". It was okay but I really like the "Crackpot" or "Phillips" better. But we had a gift certficate so not bad if you don't have to pay full price.
10. Took Baby M to the aquarium - we have a family membership. Didn't stay real long, but you can't take strollers in and have to carry her the entire way! Plus with a year membership, we can go back whenever we'd like and hopefully as she gets older she'll walk and hold our hand and be more cooperative. But we'll probably use our Zoo membership more. So much easier to take her someplace we can use a stroller.
11. Also looked at hats at "Hats in the Belfry" didn't find one for hubby but at least have darling husband's head size to get/order him a hat.
12. Walked all over Inner Harbor/Little Italy until my feet were ready to fall off. Figured it was good exercise if nothing else.
13. Got home put Baby M to bed an hour early 'cause she was exhausted and we stayed up ate pizza, and watched a movie rental.

Glad to be back at work and get a rest....


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