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When I dropped her off this morning they (her teachers) were assembling a Little Tykes jungle gym on the playground. So I helped. The kids just loved it. It has two square house halfs with a tunnel between that they can crawl thru and two slides. Woo Hoo!


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The piano tuner came to our house Friday morning before we left for Sterling. It sounds wonderful! And he checked the serial number. It is a 1912. Woo Hoo! Now to learn how to play?

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My pictures:
MSFB 2005

See www.teamwench.org/msfb/ for details. This was sponsored by the MD’s Team Wench.

Last year, my hubby and I went in Victorians to the ball, this year we dressed Colonial.

and here are some links to pictures from last year:
MSFB 2004
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My husband and I almost died in the county of Xmas Trees (Ashe County, NC) on our NC vacation from hell. Damn, we'd put the rest of that county on welfare if we didn't buy their trees - from their zillion and a half tree farms. That is one of the big economies of that region especially since all the old factories and such have moved away. Of course, watching a Christmas Tree truck with a trailer of such trees jack-knife on an icy road and come sliding at you - there is no better thrill and excitement!

And besides you just need a good German friend that has an annual Xmas tree burning on Easter Eve. It is a great tradition - big BonFire of Xmas trees, lots of knockwurst, sauerkraut, german beer and such. See link to 2001 Easter Eve http://www.yml.com/easter_fire/page.shtml?VN=419372


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