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Since 1987 I have:

Had 8 different jobs.
Owned or partially owned 8 different cars, 2 boats, 2 motorcycles, a moped.
Lived in 9 different residences, in 2 states.
Owned 3 houses.
Visited 10 different countries outside of the U.S.
Visited 22 states (actually visited - not just drove thru headed somewhere else)
Visited 9 different renfaires in one year.
Gained 70 lbs and lost 33 lbs.
Had at least 6 different hairstyles.
Been a bride 3 times, been a bridesmaid and a maid of honor.
Lived with a fiance, 3 different female roommates.
Been to at least 15 weddings (counting the ones this year).
Been to 8 funerals (4 from cancer)
Graduated with my AA & BS (top honors)
Had one child, one step-child & one "Little" sister with BigBrothers/BigSisters.
Had one dog and 6 different cats (but not more than 3 cats at once)
Co-Chaired two class reunions, coached Special Olympics Volleyball, been VP and President in local Jaycees, and News Letter Editor of HOA.
Learned how to ride a motorcycle, snowski, waterski, pilot a boat, manage a network, shoot a gun.
Researched family genealogy back up to 15 generations.
Had a broken nose, a broken rib, and over 100 stitches.

If that was the last 17 years - the next 17 should be amazing, especially with all the stuff I still want to learn and to do, as well as, all the places I'd love to travel...
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answers to 100 questions )

Thank you Cordelya... did it work okay?

Top Ten

Dec. 10th, 2003 11:30 am
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From acroyear70:
1) What was the last CD you bought? (would you recommend it?)
Don’t know, bought a CD for myself? to listen to? 1999 maybe?

2) What was the last movie you saw? (was it any good?)
Theatre: Matrix III – not bad
TV: We’re watching the Battlestar Galactica 2003 miniseries (so far, I like it! but it is not much like the original – which I loved as a kid).
DVD: Finding Nemo? spoiler comment )

3) What was the last item you bought for yourself (not including food/gas/necessities)?
I guess clothes are a necessity if not having them means you have nothing that fits to wear to work? For myself? Can think of the last 100 things I bought for my daughter but for myself – 2 new chemises that should arrive in the mail this week.

4) When was the last time you danced?
on vacation, week of Thanksgiving, with my daughter

5) What was the last book you read? (was it good?)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, yep pretty good

6) When was the last time you slept outdoors?
camping 2000 faire season in tent city?

7) When was the last time you nuzzled with an animal? (who was it?)
Lip & Orange, my kitties over the weekend

8) When was the last time you sang?
in the car, to my daughter, to get her to sleep on the way to or from work

9) Who was the last person you wrote an email to before this Tuesday ten?
Donna Ginsberg – the newsletter rough draft for our development

10) When was the last time you saw me?


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