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My cats - the two tabbies - weren't in the room I left them in. They were running loose throughout the house. They had gotten into things, pulled things out of the cupboards, overturned things, knocked things off shelves, and then I found a wet spot on the bed. Evidently one of them had pissed on the bed and now I had to strip the bed and clean that up.

And then I heard water running. One of the pipes in the house had broken but where? It sounded like it was behind the bedroom wall in one of the attic eves of the old cape cod. I had to find the leak and turn the water off. I went to lock the cats in the bathroom so I could start to clean things up. The bathroom has insulation but no drywall yet because it isn't finished. And then I saw that a large section of the insulation in the bathroom was all wet, so I knew the leak was close and I had to find it. I pulled a piece of insulation back and crawled into one of the attic eves to look for it.

In the attic eves was all our junk, old bikes, Xmas decorations, etc. And some of them were soaken wet from the leak I still needed to find and other things were on fire, so I had to find the fire extinguisher I knew was up there. It was on the other side of the room. I crawled past the fire and the flooded areas and grabbed the fire extinguisher and started to put out the fires and then I woke up.

Damn interesting dream, huh?


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