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I had a nice dinner out Friday night with my daughter's best friend's mother, Shawnya. We went to the new Foundry Row shopping centre after dropping the girls off at the Skating Rink. We walked around the restaurants and finally decided on Smash Burger for dinner. After dinner we did a lap around the shopping center and wandered into Wegmans, where she picked up a few items including Strawberry Chocolate tea.

We talked about the kids, their impending move, the best vacuum cleaner if you have long hair, work, school, the ACA & AHCA, Cobra drain sticks (for snaking hair out the bathroom drain), different types of avocados, what type of mac-n-cheese each kid prefers, etc. We really had a very nice evening before she dropped me off, picked up the girls and took them back to her house for one last sleepover at her Hanover house. Next time it'll be in Lansdowne.

Dave got home from his night out with his sister, Dana, about 5 minutes after Shawnya had left. We watched TV and then turned in for the night.

Without Magali in the house Saturday morning, we slept in and then went to Bob Evans for breakfast. We visited a Freestate Timbers in Timonium to check out different woods for some furniture projects Dave is dreaming of. Then we headed to Chesapeake Tile and Marble to look for bathroom floor tile for Magali's hall bath.
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